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Heading out to camp with the family? Are you looking for space & luxury? Then the Vango Nadina 600 is the one for exactly that. The enormous 5 sleeper, with additional areas for gear, relaxing and dining offers just what you need to enjoy your “home away from home”. Full of colour, very roomy and simple to pitch, Vango’s Nadina 600 has a pre-attached front extension that gives you extended shelter for all the family games you want.

Due to Vango’s AirZone design, the Nadina 600 is well ventilated and its breathable ‘Lights Out’ inner tent which can block out all kind of sunshine, so you can have the extra sleep you all need. In order to keep the flies out, and the ventilation moving, all entrances have mesh doors.

With additional storage space at the front, it hides the inner tent attachment points, and helps reduce drafts. To make it more like home, you also have the option of ‘wardrobe’ inner tents – a removable hanging pole lets you hang clothes. But remove it, and you had the bedroom back again!

Vango Nadina 600 Summary Specification

See below brief summary specification for the Vango Nadina 600 tent. If you would like more details then please see detailed specification.

Berth: 6
Bedrooms: 3
Doors: 3
Height (cm): 210.00
Length (cm): 595.00
Width (cm): 470.00
Flysheet Hydrostatic Head (mm): 4000
Groundsheet Hydrostatic Head (mm): 10000
Weight (kg): 40.00
Pack Size (cm): L82 x H31 x W41cm
Pitching Order: As One
Inner Height (cm): 185.00
Pole Style: Powerplus Steel
Number of Poles: 5
Fire Retardant: Fire Retardant
Pitching Time: 25 minutes
Flysheet Fabric: Protex 70 Denier polyester
Inner fabric: Breathable Polyester
Groundsheet Fabric: PE

Vango Nadina 600 Sleeping Plan

Vango Nadina 600 Family Tent Sleeping Plan

Vango Nadia 600 Detailed Specification


It pitches quick and easy, with the flysheet and inner together. The Protex 70 Denier polyester flysheet is highly waterproof, durable and reliable so will keep you dry and comfortable whether you’re in a downpour or a humid spell. If the kids spill something (or get blamed for spilling the wine) it is easy to wipe down and move on.

Weather Conditions

The powerplus steel system provides additional stability to the tent. During strong winds the Nadina 600 will remain sturdy and strong allowing for comfort and safety when inside. To avoid undue strain on the poles and material, loosen tension bands before dismantling your tent.

The tent has been fully wind and rain tested to ensure you keep dry and warm whilst staying in your Vango Nadina 600. This makes the tent ideal for any weather; sun, high winds or heavy rain.

Tent Materials

The Vango Nadina 600 comes with colour coded poles for intuitive pitching. The guy lines come with guy tidies which helps keep them nice and tidy when packing your tent away for your next camping trip. Duraflex buckles and zip pullers add the additional strength, quality and reliability that make this a fine choice of tent.

The ground sheet is made from a robust, hard wearing and waterproof 70 denier with a water tight seal, which can also stand up to the active wear and tear from keen campers and comes with fire retardant assurance.

The Vango Nadina 600 is fire retardant with the inner tent fabric, fly sheet and ground sheet fully conforming to the EU Standard CPA1-84, which means that once the source of the heat is removed the tent will not continue burning.

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The Vango Nadina 600 is a fantastic family tent.