hi gear oasis 8 family tent

Go Outdoors: £599.99 – Tent
£129.99 – Porch
£89.99 – Carpet
£49.99 – Footprint

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The Hi Gear Oasis 8 Tent is perfect for your home away from home, with quite a bit of luxury included as well. The Hi Gear Oasis 8 is a spacious, very large multi-roomed tent, but also has removable bedrooms, a massive living and storage area. The Oasis boasts a superb, large panoramic window which gives you the perfect view morning, noon or night. Hi Gear’s Oasis 8 has large spaces throughout to give the extended shelter for all the family games you want!

The large panoramic windows also have roll up curtains and mesh venting, which allow heaps of light in, but you can also close those at night and block out the early morning sun. Having multiple, versatile bedrooms with extra living or storage space makes the Oasis 8 ideal as a base tent for a festival or for that family getaway.

hi gear oasis 8 family tent interior living space

Going cross country? The ample space of the Oasis 8 tent lets you store all the gear you need, from walking boots, to a bike. If you get caught in the rain and the mud, you have the perfect space to get changed, and forget about the clothes till the morning!

Hi Gear Oasis 8 Tent Summary Specification

See below brief summary specification for the Hi Gear Oasis 8 tent. If you would like more details then please see detailed specification.

Berth: 8
Bedrooms: 1
Doors: 3
Height (cm): 235.00
Length (cm): 675.00
Width (cm): 550.00
Flysheet Hydrostatic Head (mm): 6000
Weight (kg): 30.10
Pole Bag Weight (kg): 23.80
Pack Size (cm): 92 x 49 x 39
Pole Bag Pack Size (cm): 92 x 25 x 25
Pitching Order: Outer First
Inner Height (cm): 225.00
Fire Retardant: Fire Retardant
Repair Kit Included: Repair Kit Included

Hi Gear Oasis 8 Tent Sleeping Plan

hi gear oasis 8 family tent sleeping plan

Hi Gear Oasis 8 Premium Detailed Specification

Pitching the Hi Gear Oasis 8 Premium

It pitches within 20 minutes, if you have a helper. The 6000mm flysheet will keep out all kinds of downpours, yet with the large front door &2 side doors it provides easy access, with rain hoods to prevent any rain from finding its way inside. So really, there is no reason to get too wet!

Weather conditions suitable for the Hi Gear Oasis 8 Tent

The powerplus steel system provides additional stability to the tent. During strong winds the Oasis 8 will remain sturdy and strong allowing for comfort and safety when inside. To avoid undue strain on the poles and material, loosen tension bands before dismantling your tent.

The tent has been fully wind and rain tested to ensure you keep dry and warm whilst staying in your Hi Gear Oasis 8. This makes the tent ideal for any weather; sun, high winds or heavy rain.

Hi Gear Oasis 8 Tent Materials

With a top of the range groundsheet, it means you get no unwanted drafts, moisture or bugs! The panoramic windows accompanied with mesh panels, let you control how much sunlight gets in, and maintain your privacy. The large front door and additional side doors give you easy access for you and your gear.

The Hi Gear Oasis 8 is fire retardant with the inner tent fabric, fly sheet and groundsheet fully conforming to the EU Standard CPA1-84, which means that once the source of the heat is removed the tent will not continue burning.

Hi Gear Oasis 8 Porch

The Hi Gear Oasis 8 Porch adds an extra outside living area which enables you to enjoy your camping experience no matter what the weather is doing. BBQ’s, sitting around a table and chatting are all possible with the porch added on.

hi gear oasis 8 tent porch

Hi Gear Oasis 8 Carpet and Footprint

As with all Hi Gear products allow you to personalise the tent by adding additional products. The Oasis 8 Carpet adds warmth and comfort.

hi gear oasis 8 tent carpet

The Oasis 8 footprint adds insulation and protects the groundsheet from any punctures from stones. The footprint is also incredibly useful in aiding you to lay out the tent in the correct location without the fuss of moving a large tent around.

hi gear oasis 8 tent footprint

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